Sunday 04 February 2018

Complete Beethoven Cycle, Programme 6

Time 4:00pm
Chapter House, St Mary's Cathedral Kilkenny Kilkenny

Tickets: €15/€10 or special 9-concert offer €120 / €70 086 177 7017 or at door more info

  • Chapter House, St Mary's Cathedral Kilkenny
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  • Limerick City Gallery of Art
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  • Kevin Barry Recital Room, NCH
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  • Triskel Christchurch Arts Centre, Cork
    Thu 15 Feb6:30pm Book Now
  • Bogdan Sofei
    violin 1
  • Ingrid Nicola
    violin 2
  • Andreea Banciu
  • Adrian Mantu
  • Beethoven
     String Quartet No. 6, Op. 18 No. 6 in B-flat
  • Ian Wilson
    Her Charms Invited
  • Beethoven
     String Quartet No. 13, Op. 130 in B-flat

By the time he completed his last Op. 18 String Quartet (No. 6) in 1800, Beethoven’s sights were fixed on the future. The new century brought with it the emerging creative spirit of Romanticism. Its birth can be heard in the uncontainable emotions of the Sixth Quartet, whose febrile passions span the emotional gamut from soaring joy to depthless sorrow.

The six-movement Thirteenth Quartet (Op. 130) is the Sixth Quartet writ larger – both are in the aspirational key of B-flat – but with greater emphasis, urgency and precision of feeling.

Ian Wilson’s Her Charms Invited (2010) was ‘inspired by, and based upon’ ornamentations used in traditional Irish sean-nós singing. Re-cast within a contemporary musical language, the result demonstrates how accomodating the string quartet can be.