Friday 07 February

Mihhail Gerts conducts Bruckner

RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

Time 7:30pm
National Concert Hall Dublin

Tickets: from €15 more info

  • Mihhail Gerts
    conductor (replacing Robert Trevino)
  • Bruckner

    Symphony No. 8 (1890 version *please note version change) / 84’

A gargantuan blockbuster of a symphony famously described as a ‘battle of demons’ provides a thrilling, bone-crunching, soul-stirring display of orchestral muscle-flexing unlike any other.

With conductor Mihhail Gerts on the podium, the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra is primed to meet the challenge of Bruckner at his most satisfyingly apocalyptic.

Heard in its original version – the largest orchestration ever conceived by Bruckner – it uniquely features three harps alongside an enlarged battery of instruments that pack a considerable sonic punch. Beginning with a gentle ripple, it gathers speed and power with increasingly fervour and feeling to become an overwhelming tsunami of sound before ending in uplifting calm.

An expression of Bruckner’s devout faith, the Eighth Symphony is a compelling journey into darkest depths lit up by moments of porcelain-delicate poetry and blissed-out tranquillity. It is a magnificent example of a symphony orchestra stretched to its limits by a master of his craft and of music’s ability to stir the imagination, the heart and the soul with equal, irresistible force.