Friday 22 May

Principal Guest Conductor Nathalie Stutzmann conducts

RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

Time 7:30pm
National Concert Hall Dublin

Tickets: from €15 more info

  • Nathalie Stutzmann
  • Albrecht Mayer
  • R. Strauss

    Oboe Concerto / 26’

  • Beethoven

    Symphony No. 6, ‘Pastoral’ / 39’

  • Debussy

    La mer / 23’

A chance to daydream about the romance of a life at sea, to take stock, and to just surrender, gladly, to the glories of the natural world in the company of three unique musical poets.

Nathalie Stutzmann returns for music of watercolour boldness and brilliance by Debussy and Beethoven. Albrecht Mayer, unarguably the world’s greatest living oboist, joins for a late, lilting, but surprisingly feisty concerto by Richard Strauss.

Debussy’s early audiences complained they didn’t know how to describe his music, completely missing the point that it’s meant to be experienced, to wash through and over you. Much like his liquescent fantasy La mer does. Music to close your eyes to and be carried along by through gentle ebb and flow and delirious storm-tossed waves.

Richard Strauss was in his Eighties when he composed his Oboe Concerto, a work tinged with nostalgia for the past, shot through with the influences of the present and with a playful, still youthful spring in its step. The result is glorious music for the oboe and rich, captivating orchestral writing: you’re only as old as the music makes you feel.

Beethoven’s delicate, dancing Sixth Symphony wears its subtitle – Pastoral – on its sleeve with an unabashed, celebratory delight in nature. A bright, brilliant, sun-dappled kaleidoscope of rustic scenes and images, it’s as fresh as a spring breeze, as exultant as a field of wild flowers in full bloom, as restive as a warm, lazy summer’s afternoon.

A blissfully joyful cornucopia of vivid images and scents, birdsong and a resounding sense of well-being, it’s an effervescent escape into the clean, aromatic freshness of the countryside and the promise of new beginnings.