Tuesday 05 December

Sunday Miscellany Celebrates Christmas with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra

RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Time 8:00pm
National Concert Hall Dublin

Tickets: from €15


Sunday Miscellany is a gem in the RTÉ Radio 1 schedule. For the past 55 years, with its evocative blend of new writing and complementary music, it has built its own magical space for listeners to escape to on Sunday mornings. In recent years Sunday Miscellany and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra have come together to bring this magic to audiences in live Christmas concerts. Each year an eclectic range of great musical artists and speakers join the RTÉ CO for an evening of music and creative writing at its best. The spoken pieces can be moving, funny, nostalgic or any combination of these, with themes picked up and reflected in the chosen music, where repertoire can range from carols to classical, jazz standards to pop, traditional to operatic.