Amadeus Live with the RTÉ CO

Amadeus is a compelling story of ambition and obsession featuring some of the best music ever written – it introduced millions to Mozart’s symphonies, operas and the extraordinary Requiem. Experience the most famous film ever made about classical music with live orchestra and choir!

Winner of eight Academy Awards®, Amadeus works as a passionate drama, a sumptuous period epic and the perfect celebration of Mozart’s sublime music. F. Murray Abraham is brilliant as rival composer Salieri, consumed with jealousy of the musical gifts bestowed to the vulgar young Mozart while at the same time transfixed by his genius.

Join the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, choir Resurgam, pianist Gary Beecher and conductor Benjamin Pope for this feast for the eyes and ears and one of the events of the year!

Amadeus Live is a production of Avex Classics International.