John Landis and Peter Bernstein in Dublin

Hollywood royalty joining the RTÉ CO for Elmer Bernstein tribute

On 14 June, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra pays tribute to legendary film composer Elmer Bernstein in a special concert at the National Concert Hall. Director and family friend John Landis will host and Elmer’s son Peter Bernstein will conduct music from  The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven and To Kill a Mockingbird and more, as well as music that Elmer originally recorded in Dublin including My Left Foot and The Grifters. Peter will share personal stories about his father’s time in Ireland as well as his career in Hollywood.

Elmer Bernstein met Noel Pearson in 1968 on the first night he ever spent in Ireland and they became good friends – Pearson even spent much of his honeymoon in Bernstein’s house. Pearson had long talked  about his wish to make a film about Christy Brown. Bernstein promised that if it happened, he’d do the score for nothing – and kept his word!