Saturday 25 May

Vladimir Jablokov – Four Seasons Explained with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra

RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Time 2:30pm
Bord Gáis Energy Theatre Dublin

Tickets: €30 - €68

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  • Bord Gáis Energy Theatre
    Sat 25 May2:30pm Book Now
RTÉ Concert Orchestra 
Vladimir Jablokov violinist
Viktor Jablokov conductor

With this unique arrangement, not only will we get to hear the most amazing music but we will also get a visual translation of the 300 year old sonnets that inspired the pieces.

Nature waking up in Spring, birds singing, destructive Summer Storm, drunken shepherds in Autumn after making the wine, the person sitting in front of the warm fireplace in the house, while he hears the raindrops outside his window in Winter.

It’s not easy to read old sonnets written in a poetic language and put it with music as it is being played. But if you see a sleeping Goatherd and barking Dog at the exact moment one of the instruments is miming the sound of the bark, it will make sense right away and really adds to the enjoyment of the pieces.