Friday 21 June

Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra present SHINE | Limerick Summer Proms

RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Time 7:30pm
University Concert Hall, Limerick Limerick

Tickets: €30


Pride: SHINE is celebrated in Dublin, June 20.

RTÉ Concert Orchestra
Stephen Bell,
Wallis Bird
Susan McFadden

The Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Festival in collaboration with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and University Concert Hall Limerick presents a performance to celebrate, commemorate, support and applaud the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland and beyond, promoting human rights, resilience to overcoming obstacles, and what we now know as diversity and inclusivity.

The RTÉ Concert Orchestra, with Pride Festival, are proud to mark this important 50th anniversary of the first Pride March in Ireland; on June 27th, 1974, the Sexual Liberation Movement organised the first Gay Pride demonstration in Dublin. The first Pride night was held in Limerick 27 years later, in 2001.

A sparkling evening of genre-filled music, including film scores, opera, and the best of national and international pop culture, performed by members of the community and allies, promises a thought-provoking journey and a wonderful event. With sing-along moments of pride, community and humanity, join artists including Shobsy and Wallis Bird, put on your sequins, and get ready to shine!

Presented by Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride , RTÉ Concert Orchestra and University Concert Hall Limerick.